Introducing two bespoke lines of crew gear, our CoolTech line will keep your crew cooler on those blistering hot days and our ZeroCut and Kevlar line will protect against knife attacks. Protecting your crew against incidents without alarming your guests is a daunting task. Enter our ZeroCut & Kevlar line of protective crew gear. Custom made with built in invisible protection. 

T-shirts and Polo shirts that give a casual look instead of an armoured task force look. The friendly look and feel of casual clothing is no match for a stab vest. Wear your in gear in confidence knowing you have a first line of defence from knife attacks on your body. Our kevlar cut safe clothing line has several grades, from basic level 2/3 (Kevlar™) to extreme level 5 (ZeroCut™). Custom made with your company or vessel logo embroidered on sleeves and chest. Subtle details to identify your crew, from simple vessel colour to reflective safety stripes. Contact us for your special requests.

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