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Introducing the KAYAK@CALLETTI.COM, this high quality kayak has all the features a solo paddler needs. The weight-to-length ratio of the KAYAK@CALLETTI.COM offers ideal balance and stability, suitable for lots of activity; the craft is well-suited to kayak fishing, navigating swift currents or light chop, even traveling distances over open water. The slightly elevated bow breaks each wave with ease and makes riding waves even more fun.

The KAYAK@CALLETTI.COM has plenty of storage, and it offers more than enough room for a solo paddler to spend the day in comfort. The hull’s shape and design allow for steady tracking in a straight line and for deft turns and responsive control in multiple water conditions. The stability of the KAYAK@CALLETTI.COM makes tipping over almost impossible even when you’re padding over rough water or battling an impressive catch when fishing in open water. A lightweight aluminum paddle and a comfortable, supportive kayak seat come included with your new watercraft.

It’s the one and only KAYAK@CALLETTI.COM 

*** Comes with our Signature 5 year Hull Warranty ***
CALLETTI™ - Trouble free boating. 

Hull Material: LDPE

Size: 294×80×43cm

Weight: 21.5kg

Loading capacity: 150kg

UV Resistant

2 side handles

Front and rear carry handles

2x8" Watertight Storage Hatch with bag inserts

Complete with paddle and Luxury backseat